About Me

Sarah K Larsen

Originally from Salt Lake City, Sarah studied art and anthropology at the University of Utah before traveling the world for five years. Having been to over 50 countries, creating art along the way, Sarah settled down in Los Angeles to pursue her career in the film industry. With a background in traditional and immersive art, she has been designing and creating for festivals, businesses and events for over 10 years.

An emerging production designer, Sarah has worked as an art director and has filled many roles throughout the art department since the start of her career. She has already worked alongside prominent figures in the film industry and is setting her sights on expanding her experience.

As a muralist and painter, Sarah is continuously experimenting with different styles and techniques. She borrows inspiration most often from trees, skies, and repeating patterns found throughout nature. Her life philosophy, to embrace change, is reflected in her eclectic style & use of different mediums.